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Cannabis Storage

The Premier Choice in Nitrogen Controlled Environments 

The Best System Available For Cannabis Processing & Storage

Map-Tech Lids shown with options

For Consumers

The ONLY choice in protecting your investment - properly. Storage, with the ability to re-package your product - just like it came from the grower, dispensary or retailer. Keep your cannabis fresher longer, avoid mold and OXIDATION

With our Map-Tech series of lids you can re-apply the nitrogen after opening to extend shelf life. Use with canisters of Natural Preserve (sold separately)

Use MAP-Tech Lids (for Mason, Ball, Kerr jars) or our Lid-Lover. Fits diameters up to 3.5". The Duckit allows for the M.A.P. process. Use Lid-Lover on tins, glass, ceramic or hard plastic.

If you purchase product packaged in TIN'S (or any type of packaging for that matter) with nitrogen to preserve its freshness...

What Happens AFTER It Has Been Opened??? 

Nitrogen escapes and the countdown to destruction has begun 

Restore the packaging process with N2 Preserve and Map-Tech Lids

                                                                                    Keep CBD oils from turning rancid


Lid Lover with the Duckit
Mason Jar with Map-Tech Lid for marijuana storage
LidLover with the Duckit for marijuana storage
Industrial Hemp growth

For Growers  

During the curing process - heat, moisture and humidity control is of the utmost importance. Control it naturally, regardless of the R.H. in your area, with MAP-Tech Lids and canisters of Natural Preserve 

Eliminate mold, bacteria and mites - naturally

More efficient and cost effective than desiccants

Use our Duckit Gamma Lids or see our fittings to retro-fit your current containers


For Dispensaries

MAP-Tech Lids and Natural Preserve are perfect for short or long term storage. Fits all Ball, Mason and Kerr type jars. Don't sell stale or oxidized product - PROTECT IT WITH N2 PRESERVE! 


Attention Large Growers

Store and process in 950 to 3,000 lb. storage bins. Utilize Map-Tech technology: Nitrogen back-flush, oxygen vent and built in Hygrometer

(call for quote)

Flower storage bags
IBC Totes Map-Tech qualified
Miron Jars with Map-Tech Lids

When the absolute best matters

Miron UV protective violet glass jars with Map-Tech lids

Cannabis storage for connoisseurs 

with good taste!

Available only from N2 Preserve

(patent protected)

IBC Tote lids with Map-Tech
Mason Jars with Map-Tech Lids

Cannabis Storage:

Used and Recommended by Growers, Dispensaries, Retailers

Some states mandate that cannabis be sold in airtight, sealed packages that have already been measured and weighed. Most dispensaries that are subject to these laws inject small amounts of nitrogen into these packages prior to sealing to keep product fresh and extend shelf life 

Bagged salads, bread products, fruit, vegetables, wine and other food items come packaged in M.A.P. to extend shelf life


Medical Marijuana Storage:

Store medical products in an airtight jars or containers with a good seal. Map-Tech Lids and BPA Free Zip-N-Zap Bags are a perfect choice. Most pharmaceuticals come packaged with M.A.P. technology 

CBD oil stays fresher. Map-Tech Lids with Natural Preserve prevents oil from going rancid. Store in a cool dark place 

Nitrogen is NATURAL, ORGANIC and helps control damaging properties of oxygen, moisture and bug infestation


Marijuana brownies in Zip-N-Zap Bag


Perfect for storing all your edibles!

Keep them fresh in reusable, high barrier, food grade, BPA free, non-smell bags.

Special fitting on the bag allows for M.A.P. application

Zip-N-Zap Bags

use in conjunction with canisters of 

Natural Preserve

(sold separately)


Container fittings for N2 Application

Duckit Gamma Lid 


Retro-Fit Your Containers

Use our patent protected Duckit Gamma Lids to fit most 3.5 - 7 gallon pails. Or Retro-fit existing containers of nearly any size or shape with the Duckit Quick-Connect Valves, Hose and Air Release system

Gamma Lid M.A.P. compliant
Nitrogen Tanks by N2



Nitrogen Tank Network

Nitrogen tank exchange program. Tanks can be exchanged weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on your usage and requirements. Larger tanks available upon request. Call for pricing in your area.

Canisters of Natural Preserve (.25 oz) are sale only

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