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About the Products

Food grade nitrogen by Natural preserve

Natural Preserve is 100% food grade nitrogen taken directly from the air we breathe 

Damaging properties found in oxygen causes sliced apples to turn brown, bread to mold, chips to stale, wine to oxidize, cheese to dry and mold... even bug infestation 

Cannabis can over heat, lose its THC, dry out and stale. CBD oil can turn rancid

Vacuum sealing can cause product to deform and pulls out terpenes

* N2 Preserve is more efficient and cost effective than desiccants 


Natural Preserve limits the amount of the oxygen from coming into contact with the product controlling humidity during the curing and sweating stages of development. Bugs can not live in a limited oxygen environment

Stainless steel straw helps reduce cross-contamination between products and uses


Marijuana Storage Jar lid

MAP-Tech Lids with the Duckit

Two-way duckbill air-flow system allows placement of nitrogen inside container while purging damaging oxygen  


Fits all Mason, Ball and Kerr type Jars (regular or wide-mouth)


Lid-Lover with the Duckit

Silicone rubber, BPA Free. Fits most jars, cans, cups, bowls - glass, tin, ceramic or hard plastic up to 3.5" 

Both style lids are M.A.P. Compliant

LidLover marijuana storage
LidLover tin can storage
marijuana brownies in Zip-N-Zap Bag

Zip & Zap Bags 

REUSABLEHigh Barrier Film, Low OTR and Low MVTR 

 BPA freeReusable and Recyclable

Quart and Gallon size  

Perfect for all your edibles!


Miron Jars with Map-tech lids

For the Elite Connoisseur

Miron Jars 

with UV Protective Violet Glass

and the Duckit Map-Tech Lid

8 piece set 


Duckit Gamma Lids

M.A.P. compliant airtight lid can be exchanged from pail to pail. 
A quick-connect valve is placed in the lid to allow for M.A.P. application.
Release vent purges oxygen to control humidity, mold and bacteria during curing and sweating.                
Sold as a complete unit

Fittings also sold separately to retro-fit any size or shape container

Gamma Lids with the Duckit
quick connect, bulkhead mounted by N2 Preserve
Bulkhead mount  Quick-Connect for the Duckit Gamma Lid pails. Retro-fit to any size or shape

In Line Hose Barb Shut off
In-line hose barb to use with Bulkhead Quick-Connect
Air release vent by N2 Preserve
Oxygen release vent
rubber hose, food grade
25' Food grade rubber hose to use with N2 Tank, In-line Hose Barb and Quick-Connect

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