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What is N2 Preserve

Mason Jar Heritage Purple

Your only choice in nitrogen controlled environments - post market!

The best cannabis storage system available in the industry. 

Because of the patented technology, N2 Preserve is the only system on the market that gives the user the ability to apply M.A.P. techniques safely and effectively without expensive equipment

Utilize the time tested and proven technique of M.A.P. 

Modified Atmosphere Packaging 

Keep product FRESHER, LONGER with a safe, cost effective and 

easy-to-use method

Vacuum sealing can cause product to deform and pulls out terpenes


Mocon, the worlds foremost authority on M.A.P. technology states: "Vacuum sealing, because the pressure of the packaging material on the product, could cause the product to deform and to lose important characteristics such as flavor and aroma"


Independent Laboratory testing of Mocon has proven: N2 Preserve will reduce damaging oxygen 

inside its containers - thereby extending the shelf life of stored products


Mason Jar with Map-Tech Lids

M.A.P. and the Duckit

 (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)


M.A.P. is a time tested and proven way of extending shelf life of cannabis  

The technology exchanges atmospheric air inside a package (damaging oxygen), typically with inert gases such as nitrogen (N2)

Oxygen in the air can cause a process of decay called oxidation, primarily due to moisture. It causes mold, bacteria and other micro-organisms to form as well as bug infestation 


Approximately 78% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1 % CO2 and other trace elements 


DESICCANTS can be costly 

VACUUM SEALING pulls out terpines 

and can crush product

The Original Duckit

Duckbill by Natural Storage Systems
Cannabis bud with leaves

During the cure and sweating process, nitrogen can control important humidity factors by adjusting the head space inside the container or storage jar. Far more effective and cost efficient than other methods

Nitrogen helps eliminate mold, bacteria and bug infestation by reducing or eliminating the oxygen. Bugs can not live where oxygen is limited

The techniques used with N2 Preserve are the perfect answer for solving these problems at the most crucial stages of development for a smooth and properly cured product. When storing be sure to use Map-Tech lids to maintain freshness throughout storage

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